Penfield Marine | Jerry Townsend
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Jerry brings logistical
and business development
expertise to the board.

Jerry Townsend

Board Member

Jerry Townsend previously served as Vice President in-charge of the Projects and Business Development at Heidmar Inc., formerly Heidenreich Marine Inc.

Jerry joined Heidmar in 1997 and was instrumental in the formation and development of the five Heidmar pools. Throughout his tenure with Heidmar he served as a member of the Executive Committee, as well as, a member of the board of directors of Womar Logistics Pte. Ltd., a joint venture company dedicated to the management of chemical tankers.

Jerry possesses broad international experience having previously held positions as Director of Projects for Seabrokers (Stamford, CT), Director of Univan Ship Management (Hong Kong), and Senior Vice President of International Maritime (Geneva, Switzerland).

With a degree in Russian, Jerry also served in a number of assignments with both the U.S Military and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency prior to entering private industry.