Penfield Marine | Per Heidenreich
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Per Heidenreich - Chairman
Per Heidenreich

Per has broad experience in shipping, logistics, and IT.

Per Heidenreich

Board Member

Per Heidenreich has served on the Board of Penfield Marine since 2012.

Per was raised and educated in Norway, and is today a U.S. citizen. He attended Harvard PMD in 1981 and has broad experience in shipping, logistics and IT.

Per founded Heidmar Inc. in 1984 which employed more than 250 people. The firm controlled approximately one hundred oil tankers, including subsidiaries in Texas in the oil service industry. Heidmar was acquired with several subsidiaries by Morgan Stanley in 2006.

Per served as President of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) from 2005 to 2007 and has received a several awards including NACC’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 and Connecticut Maritime Association’s Commodore Award in 2000. The Association of Fund Raising Professionals Connecticut and Fairfield County honored him with its Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser 2012.

In addition to his responsibilities at Penfield Marine LLC and Sonitor Inc., Per runs Heidenreich Enterprise L.P., a family owned private equity company. He and his wife are active philanthropists through The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation in Greenwich, Connecticut.