Penfield Marine | Team
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Laura Beckmann

Corporate Controller

Mike Boral

Vessel Manager

Cristiano della Zonca

Freight Trader

Kevin Dolce

Senior Accountant

Elizabeth Dragomir

Vessel Manager

Erin Flink

Director of Finance and Controller

Kate Garin

Accounting Associate

Joe Garin

Senior Freight Trader

Joe Gaudiano

Global Fleet Manager

Lee Gonzalez

Vessel Manager

Glenn Gronseth

Business Development Director

Jim Hoy

Commercial Director

Capt. Ravi Jain

Fleet Manager

Bobby Keeney

Vessel Manager

John Llewellyn

Bunker Trader

Julie Larkin

Cash Manager

Rebecca Link

Claims Analyst

Tobie Malo

Vessel Manager

Donald McMillan

Managing Director (retired)

Mike Moisio

Derivatives Trader

Siew Siew Ng

Vessel Manager

David Nobles

Fleet Manager

Annie Pensiero

Executive Assistant

Tucker Randle

Head of Corporate Development

Rebecca Redstone

Vessel Manager

Brian Robinson

Freight Trader

Joe Samon

Bunker Trader

Capt. Jitender Seth

Marine Consultant

Darshan Shah

Senior Accountant

Neisha St. Juste

Accounting Manager

Carli Stedman

Managing Director UKr

Sarah Stichter

Pool Coordinator

Tamecka Welch

Senior Accountant

Ben Wilkinson

Fleet Manager

Annie Wong

Fleet Manager

Kwang Yit Wong

Freight Trader