Penfield Marine | Dalian Shipbuilding delivers third ‘Yuan’ Suezmax tanker to COSCO
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Yuan Bein Hai

by by Craig Jallal · Published by Rivera

Yuan Bei Hai joins two other Dalian Shipbuilding Suezmax tanker newbuildings at COSCO Shipping Energy Transport.

Yuan Bei Hai is the third Suezmax tanker in the Yuan series and joins Yuan Dong Hai and Yuan Nan Hai in the COSCO Shipping Energy Transport fleet. Dalian Shipbuilding said that the construction period was shortened for this vessel.

The energy-saving effect was verified as better than the technical index required, which saved costs for the shipowner.

Dalian Shipbuilding describes the Yuan series of Suezmax tanker newbuildings as a new generation of highly competitive ships independently developed by DSIC. It is an ’unlimited navigation zone’ ship, with a range of more than 26,000 nautical miles. The ship is designed to pass through the expanded Panama Canal.

The ship has a total length of 274.3 m, width of 48 m, and a maximum carrying capacity of 158,000 tonnes of cargo. It can load 1.079M barrels of crude oil through the Suez Canal with structural draft of 17.15 m.

Dalian Shipbuilding states that the energy-saving features on the ship include an excellent hull line, coupled with an optimised hydrodynamic energy-saving device, the new energy-saving G-type main engine and large diameter high-efficiency propellers.

Yuan Bei Hai meets the emissions and environmental protection requirements of the EU, such as the list of hazardous substances, as well as the energy efficiency management requirements of CCS Class I-ship (E) symbol. Dalian Shipbuilding states that Yuan Bei Hai also has a unique anti-piracy design to ensure safe operation.

According to VesselsValue, Yuan Bei Hai was immediately placed in the Penfield Suezmax pool.