Penfield Marine | Penfield adds Diamlemos ships to pool
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Penfield adds Diamlemos ships to pool

Connecticut-based pool operator says additional ships added after long-relationship with Piraeus-based owner.

Diamlemos logoPenfield Marine beefed up its panamax tanker pool with four tankers owned by Diamlemos Shipping.

The Southport-based operator had previously chartered-in two Diamlemos ships, the 72,354-dwt Kyriakoula (built 2003) and the 72,340-dwt George Nikolos (built 2003).

Along with those two rolling into the spot trading pool, Penfield will add the 72,291-dwt Archangelos Gabriel (built 2005) and the 72,291-dwt Despina (built 2006).

Chief executive Tim Brennan says Penfield has 'known and worked with Diamlemos for a number of years. We are pleased at the opportunity to have a deeper relationship with Diamlemos.'

In addition to the Diamlemos ships, Penfield added the 73,727-dwt Hellespont Progress (built 2006) to its pool in July. All in, Penfield now has some 27 panamaxes in its pool, all trading dirty. In addition, it has six aframaxes in another pool.

Brennan, though, remains chary of increasing the fleet size much beyond current levels. We’re not really looking to add more at this time,’ he said