Penfield Marine | Tim Brennan Starts to Bring Heidmar Band Back Together
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Fledgling Penfield Marine takes on even more of a Heidmar look as it grabs two former executives and one ship on charter.

Tradwinds-Feb-15-2013-Tim-Brennan-Starts-to-Bring-Heidmar-Band-Back-Together-300x245Call it Heidmar 2.0. Former Heidmar boss Tim Brennan has begun to put the band back together at new shipmanagement venture Penfield Marine, having hired two former Heidmar executives in recent weeks.

Former Heidmar CFO Charles Tammara and pools boss Jerry Townsend joined Penfield Marine.

Brennan confirms the hirings, while also revealing that Penfield has taken in a one year charter for its first vessel, the 73,000-dwt Stena Callas.

Brennan and partner Eric Haughn – himself a former Heidmar executive – have also hired Brian Robinson, previously in operations at Glencore, to become their fleet manager.

Says Brennan, “In the near term, we’re going to be chartering in ships for our own account and trading them. We want to show our commitment to market and we can do that by putting our money where our mouth is.”